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Step 1: Choose a Craft to Make and Sell
Find your passion and make crafts as gifts for people who share your same passion in life. You love motorcycles, make signs with motorcyle art. You love dogs, make dog clothes. If you need ideas to spark your creative, surf ebay, pinterest, and even simply go to some craft shows. Go to your local library and peruse the craft magazines.

Step 2: Get Your Education
Like any business, craft vendors come and go. The ones with longevity learn from the best in the business which sometimes means apprenticing with a professional craft vendor. Take a class to learn how to make your crafts well. Learn how to do business taxes, handle inventory, change with the seasons and the many trade secrets of the industry you are wanting to enter.

Step 3: Create A Focused Product Diversity
If you want to be successful at craft shows and selling online, you must be and artist and a business person. Do not just create whatever pops into your head. You must have a plan and create focused diversity -- many different options of the same craft. Make the same craft item in 10 different ways. Most of your customers will not have your eye to see the options and will visit your stand or vendor page for a specfic genre. Nobody will remain if they do not see options for what they search. Above all professional means making a quality product. Customers like handmade, but they want it to be clean and well made.

Example : Count Your Blessing Money Jars - The artist takes idea of a money jar and provides a world class selection.

Step 4: Sign up For Craft Shows
Start small. Do not expect to get into the big craft shows. You need to pay your dues first. Research craft shows and see if they are worth while. Ask other craft vendors about which craft festivals are the most profitable craft shows. Visit a craft show that is of interest to you. Check if they advertise well. See if they have a good mix of quality vendors.

Step 5: Sell on Etsy or Ebay
If you are not sellling online you are missing sales. Etsy and Ebay are like shopping malls and you pay a small fee to have a space. Give out cards to customers at craft shows so they can continue to buy from you even when the craft show ends or during the holidays. Don't start your own website. It will not be worth your time. Go where the crowds already are going.

Step 6: Follow Craft Show Etiquette
You are being evaluated at a craft show. Do not be a complainer. Do not tear down your stand before the craft show ends. Know your boundaries meaning do not setup inside your neighbor's space. CDo not copy other vendor's products when you return the following year. Craft Show vendors are a big family who will develop an impression of you which can make or break you in the long run.

Step 7: Re-evaluate Your Craft Business Each Year
Consider which craft shows are worth signing up for again. Look at your products. How can you update them. Be prepared for other craft vendors to copy your ideas. Don't fret .. just keep reinventing. The orginal is always one step ahead of those that copy others. In business that is what makes you a success.
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